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The farmhouse, built as a result built as a result of a careful restoration of an old farmhouse dating back to 1300s, behind a VII century AD Byzantine crypt,  is co-star of an important multifunctional reality characterized by the presence of a farm with its livestock  and an oil mill.

During the work of restoration we have paid great attention to the floor with its “chianche”( Salento’s typical stone floor) and the impressing walls of limestone embellished by  vaults so that we could recreate the authentic atmosphere of ancient times.

The original large fireplace, at the entrance of the farmhouse, welcomes our guests  leading them into  the heart of the ancient House itself.




Overlooking the old “Court”, the ancient rooms intended for the daily lives of the “massari” (people working the farm) have been turned into large and comfortable bedrooms furnished maintaining the atmosphere of the original  places with elegant furniture from the early  1900s and wrought iron beds.






Near the old original  structure,  surrounded by a large park, on whose lawn you can relax, reading  a good book and enjoying a glass of our “negroamaro” wine, there are the new and refined rooms. Decorated in pastel colours like the flowers adorning the garden opposite  them, they lend themselves to a good night’s sleep thanks to the silence and tranquility that only nature can offer.





Every room is equipped with

  • indipendent access
  • free wifi
  • safe
  • bathroom en suite with phon, shower and courtesy service
  • tv
  • mosquito net
  • mini fridge
  • heating
  • air condition

Payment services on demand

  • transfer from/to airport
  • car rent
  • bicycles rent
  • excursions
  • guided tours in masseria with educational workshops

OUR BREAKFAST….. typical flavors of Salento


…….and with the first rays of sunshine, mulberries, medlars, plums, and figs turned into delicious jams are available for you at breakfast time accompanied by fragrant biscuits and cakes, all rigorously prepared according to our family’s old recipes.




You will awake to the taste of our fresh  milk, the magic ingredient of a hot and creamy cappuccino which , full of natural, healthy, authentic flavours, will definitely become part of your daily holiday routine 




The flavors of the land will delight you along with tasty cheeses from the farm, vegetables picked from our garden every morning,the slices of whole meal bread accompanied by our olive oil to be tasted plain orin delicious omelets prepared with fresh eggs from our free range chickens.



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Fresh  vegetables picked directly from our garden,   tasty  cheese  and meat  from our animals , our  richextra virgin olive oil, our fine negroamaro,“durum wheat” pasta are essential to  our cuisine. The natural flavours are enhanced in traditional dishes whose simplicity allows our guests to appreciate their  authenticity and goodness.






Time  pleasantly goes by taking long walks through the fields, vineyards, olive trees, reading a book on the lawn,relaxing by the pool (open from june until august), visiting the surroundings by bike and … … … just a few steps from us practicing kitesurfing, trekking in natural reserves, boat trips and diving excursions.




A short distance away from…

The agriturismoTorrevecchia because of its strategic location, at the centre of three provinces: Brindisi, Lecce and Taranto, represents a great starting point for exploring the entire Salento peninsula and beyond.


The beauty of our land can be discovered by following some:

  • Naturalistic routes
  • Food and wine routes
  • cultural/artistic routes
  •   amusement parks for the little ones and… a few hours’ drive, you can reach the spectacular city of  Matera

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